Lean & Green

Clean driving and sustainability have always been top priorities at Verhoek Europe. Verhoek Europe always uses the latest generation of engines as part of its ongoing effort to drive down CO2 emissions.

Hybrid vehicles
Verhoek Europe participates in a research project to establish whether, in addition to reduced CO2 emissions, driving a hybrid vehicle also leads to greener driving in general (including reduced fuel consumption). Verhoek Europe deploys several hybrid vehicles in connection with this project.

To support our cleaner driving objectives and contribute to a more sustainable society we have adopted a number of technical and operational measures. These include the introduction of built-in, automatic start-stop systems in our vehicles, reducing the maximum speed from 89 to 85 kilometres per hour and a sophisticated new tyre-pressure programme. In order to get the best possible ‘lean and green’ yield from our investment in the new fleet of low CO2-emission vehicles, there is also a programme in force to maximise the load factor and minimise kilometres driven with no load.

The new style of driving
To complement these measures, a comprehensive new course for drivers has been developed to encourage the ‘new style of driving’ and appropriate driving habits.

Lean & Green Award
As a result of all our efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, Verhoek Europe had the honour of receiving the Lean & Green Award.

What is ‘Lean & Green’?
Lean and Green is an incentive programme for government and the business community. It encourages organisations to raise their level of sustainability by taking measures to reduce both costs and the impact on the environment. If an organisation with an Action Plan can show it is able to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% within a five year period, it is then eligible for the Lean and Green Award – which is certainly something to be proud of.