From horse and cart, to becoming a leading logistical services provider in Europe within the space of 60 years!.

Verhoek Europe was incorporated as a family business in 1953 by its founder Gijsbert Verhoek.

Starting out in the early years as a horse-and-cart carrier of reeds and rush, the logistical services provided by Verhoek expanded to include the transportation of imported coconuts as an important raw material for the local mat industry. As the growth of the local carpet industry created an increasing demand for new logistical solutions, Verhoek Europe invested in an efficient, thoroughgoing network spanning the whole of Europe, complete with its own branches and durable partner relationships. Local transport, national and international transport, close-knit distribution and warehousing; all these logistical services are aimed at the efficient transportation of goods, from factory to consumer.

Apart from the rigorous operational methods deployed throughout the years, the most decisive factor in the rapid growth of its business activities has always been company’s flexible approach to logistical challenges. In consultation with our customers we have successfully realised a huge variety of creative logistical solutions.

Today the Verhoek Europe Group, operating for 60 years as an independent family business with specialised and committed staff and a sizeable fleet of superbly equipped vehicles, has evolved into one of the biggest logistical specialists in Europe.

Historical highlights:
1953 Gijsbert Verhoek starts up carrier business based on reeds, rush, coconuts and mats.
1980 Verhoek launches European distribution network
1988 Acquisition of Edel Tapijt vehicle fleet
1991 Founding of Verhoek Teppich Logistik GmbH
1991 Takeover of VVT International NV in Belgium
1994 Founding of Verhoek Nederland BV
1996 Construction of new logistical centre in Genemuiden
1996 Takeover of Carpet Force in England
2003 Takeover of van Dieren Transport in Genemuiden
2005 Takeover of Roost Taeppe Transport in Denmark
2005 Founding of Verhoek Poland
2005 Founding of Verhoek Czech Republic
2005 Takeover of Continental Express Flooring in Belgium
2010 Takeover of de Klok Logistics in Hasselt
2013 Takeover of Linde-Deutsch-Transport (LDT) in Germany
2013 Verhoek Europe’s 60th year!