Verhoek Europe manages all aspects of the distribution of your goods in Europe.

That means the entire route is under our own control, from A to Z.
This is a huge advantage, raising the level of service both to you as a customer and the recipients of your goods.
The fleet of vehicles we deploy for this purpose is directly traceable by GPS satellite. So that we can tell you exactly where your consignment is located, day and night.

Verhoek Europe has shown itself to be a true ‘chain manager’ in recent years.
For major customers Verhoek Europe takes care of the entire route, from factory to shop. We also serve the private market for these customers.
Apart from the distribution of general cargo, specialisations in close-knit distribution are also a must! One of our specialisations is the distribution of long, indivisible products such as carpet rolls. Another important service is the distribution of rugs. Vulnerable goods that are awkward to handle is our speciality.

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Focus Countries, Branches and Partners
Verhoek distribution services are provided to almost all of Europe, with a particular focus on the Benelux countries, Germany, Great Britain, France, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark. Our 12 branches allow us to serve all of these countries under our own management. We have been working with professional partners in a number of European countries for decades. Specialising in general cargo on the one hand, and more vulnerable goods such as carpet rolls on the other. With their many years experience working with vulnerable products, they have proven to be fully-fledged, fully integrated partners, whose ideas tie in perfectly with those of Verhoek and its customers.

Thanks to a well-balanced communications network, we are able to provide you with up-to-date information about all your consignments in these distribution networks as well.

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