With its modern fleet of vehicles equipped with satellite communications, Verhoek Europe delivers your full and partial consignments to almost every country in Europe.

Our vehicles are highly versatile, suitable for all types of transport.
Our huge fleet - more than 1000 vehicles in total - means we are always ready to provide optimal service. This means smooth delivery of all your full and partial consignments within the agreed delivery period. Flexibility is a top priority! Another top priority for Verhoek is transport safety. All our vehicles are TUV certified, fulfilling all the European safety standards.

Verhoek Europe delivers an invaluable service! Interested? Contact us.

But the services offered by Verhoek go a step further ………!

Special services
Our ‘special services’ department gives us a distinct edge in a number of fields, including roll-logistics and door-logistics.

A large part of our fleet is specially equipped to carry rolls, particularly (but not exclusively) carpets and artificial grass. This allows us to provide an optimal service to the sector.
Special-purpose (mobile) fork-lift trucks equipped with a ‘carpet-boom’ enable us to handle these products easily, with no risk of damage.
Verhoek Europe modernises its fleet every year to meet the specific requirements of its customers.

Verhoek Europe has been offering its services to this sector for some time now. Here too, our many years of experience handling vulnerable, long goods has been invaluable, so that we have no difficulty in serving this sector as well.

Part of the Verhoek vehicle fleet is fitted with highly advanced loading and unloading equipment. The lay-out of the vehicles is specially designed for easy handling of these vulnerable products.

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