Verhoek Europe is expanding

GENEMUIDEN - Verhoek Europe is further expanding its activities and will therefore move into business park H2O Hattemerbroek at the end of 2023. Because of the ambition to further grow the XL logistics branch, a suitable location was sought to realise these plans. This location was found in cooperation with Borghese Logistics at the new business park H20 Hattemerbroek.

Verhoek Europe's new premises will soon comprise a warehouse of around 10,000m2 with 650m2 of floor space and 600m2 of office space. The building will be used entirely for the XL logistics department, which for this reason is moving from the Genemuiden site to Hattemerbroek. The central location of the business park and the extra storage space create a perfect starting position for further expansion of the XL-logistics branch within Verhoek Europe.

In cooperation with Mies Architectuur, Borghese Logistics took care of the development of the plan. The choice was made for a gas-free and fully electric complex, which as a result will receive BREEAM - very good certification. Pleijsier Bouw is responsible for the realisation of the new complex. Completion is expected in Q4 of 2023.

Verhoek Europe: ''We are delighted with this development, which makes it possible to fulfil our growth ambitions for XL Logistics. The logistics organisation of awnings, industrial doors and other longitudinal goods requires a different approach than the transport of rolls of carpet, carpets and pallets. For this reason, we opted for new premises that focus entirely on XL-logistics. It also allows us in Genemuiden to focus on our core business; transporting rolls across Europe and the UK. Together with our employees and customers, we want to make this a great success'.


Verhoek Europe

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